30-day Free Trial on All Accounts

Our free trial consists of a free, no-commitment Starter package. We will place ads for your business in the #1-3 positions on Google search results, and immediately begin generating fresh leads for your company. If after 30 days you are unsatifised with our leads or services, you may cancel at any time. All we ask is that you trial an initial $800 worth of our managed paid click advertising – in fact, we will add $500 of our own!



For The Explorer

  • 3 Microsites
  • 75 Keywords
  • 5 Google Ads
  • 3 Tracking Numbers
  • Unlimited Emails

For Managing Ad Costs of $800-1,500
$1000 setup fee




  • 5 Microsites

  • 150 Keywords

  • 15 Google Ads

  • 5 Tracking Numbers

  • Unlimited Emails

For Managing Ad Costs of $1.5 – 3K
$1500 setup fee




  • 10 Microsites
  • 250 Keywords
  • 20 Google Ads
  • 10 Tracking Numbers
  • Unlimited Emails

For Managing Ad Costs of $3 – 5K
$2000 setup fee

*For budgets greater than $5,000/mo please contact us for a quote.

What Is A Microsite?
A Microsite (or Landing Page) is a small website that people will land on when they click on our Google advertisements. Utilizing captivating headings, alluring images, descriptions of your services, what separates you from customers, client testimonials, and beautiful Call-To-Actions (phone numbers and email forms), our Microsites are specifically designed to convert each visitor into contacting your business and maximizing your Return on Investment.
What Is A Keyword?
Keywords refer to the exact “phrases” people search for when seeking services on Google. For example, “Los Angeles Divorce Attorney”, or “Divorce Lawyers” are two separate keyword searches someone might make. Engage Local rigorously researches every possible search keyword for your business and ensures you are maximizing exposure in your area of expertise.
What Is A Google Ad?
Google Ads are the advertisements people will see when searching for your product or service. Each of our ads are researched, tested, and personally hand-crafted to stand out amongst all of your other competitor’s ads.
What Is A Tracking Number
Every site we make will have a tracking number (normal phone number) that forwards directly to your company’s office number. There is nothing noticeable on either side. We use this service to track the efficacy our advertising campaigns and constantly review your conversions to ensure we are maximizing your Return on Investment.